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PHP Agency is a financial service company started in 2009 with humble origins and a grand vision. Our founder, Patrick Bet-David, set out to change an elitist financial services industry and in so doing, open the American dream of business ownership to EVERYONE, regardless of their country of origin, education or previous career experience.

By doing this, Bet-David and PHP set out not only to change the fortunes of ascending families for the better, but also, change the world by creating whole new communities and generations of business owners committed to keeping capitalism and free enterprise alive and well. With ten years and thousands of success stories under our belt, we are starting to see this grand vision taking shape. And, in the next ten years, we fully expect it will be realized.

Our core values; family first, equality for everyone, continual self-improvement, work ethic, and personal responsibility are cemented in our culture. And because of this, we will continue to build on our successes and share our unique and powerful company culture across the United States and beyond.


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“Be grateful every day of what you already have and the seed of discouragement will never be fruitful.”

Rodolfo Vargas, Board Council

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