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1105, 2022

Underserved Markets in Life Insurance

Underserved Markets in Life Insurance Reaching Underserved Markets in Life Insurance Life insurance is one of those benefits that correlate to financial security, meaning those who need the coverage the most often don’t have it. The gap in life insurance coverage affects different races, age

803, 2022

Celebrating Women in March

Celebrating Women in March   Raising greater awareness Since 1987, in the U.S. every year we celebrate Women’s History Month in March to honor women’s contributions to history, culture, and society. 2022 is no different.  From Rosa Parks to Susan B. Anthony, Women’s History Month

303, 2022

The DIME Method

The DIME Method  What it is and how to use itDetermining how much life insurance coverage you need can be confusing and complicated. How much to save? What coverage is best for the family? A common approach to figuring out how to calculate is the DIME method. Typically,

1102, 2022

The Best Valentine’s Day Present

The Best Valentine’s Day Present, Coverage for your loved ones It’s important to take the steps now to ensure your family’s financial future. Protect them with life insurance should the unexpected happen. So how can coverage safeguard you and your family? Simple. The benefits of

3112, 2021

Leadership Vacuums

by Mark Johnson, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Although I have a law degree, much of my career has been dedicated to improving performance and compliance in company operations. This has led to many opportunities to improve circumstances including times where I have stepped into a leadership vacuum and

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