PHP is a privately held company backed by various organizations to fuel the market with growth opportunities.

Atalaya Capital Management

Across three asset classes – specialty finance, real estate, and corporate – Atalaya originates and opportunistically purchases credit or asset-based investments through closed-end funds for a client base of predominantly institutional investors, including endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and public and corporate pension plans.

Atalaya’s funds target either a current yield or an absolute return, seeking to capitalize on our many years of experience across investment cycles and market conditions. Investment strategies often target investments in markets not well served by traditional lenders or the broader capital markets.

Dyal Capital Partners owns a non-voting minority stake in Atalaya. Since inception, Atalaya has invested in excess of $9 billion.

Ambina Partners

Ambina Partners is an active investor that provides strategic and operational support to management teams and entrepreneurs. In many situations, Ambina Partners is the first institutional investor and assists in transitioning to a more corporate structure while maintaining the company’s culture that has made it a success.

Ambina’s mission is to deliver impressive long run returns and downside protection to our investors, working with extraordinary partners to provide flexible financing arrangements. Our target industries include financial services and insurance as well as enterprise software.

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