Return-Of-Premium Term Life Insurance

We offer a compelling Return-of-Premium (ROP) term insurance policy which returns all contributed premiums if the insured outlives the term period.

  • Premium returns can start as early as the second year.
  • Life insurance protection in place if needed and return-of-premium investments if not.

Return-of-premium (ROP) life insurance policies refund all premium payments made if the policy holder is still alive at the end of the policy period. The returned money can be used for anything and is tax free.

Return-of-Premium Term Life Insurance (ROP) Benefits

Return-of-premium life insurance is added on to a standard term life insurance policy as a rider and lasts for the term of the policy – usually a 10, 20 or 30 year term. For certain people with specific life insurance needs, there are a few pros of a return-of-premium life insurance policy:

  • Refunded premiums are not taxable
  • A forced savings vehicle if your premiums are returned
  • Lower cost than whole life insurance

With top-notch return-of-premium life insurance companies, you receive a guaranteed amount of money back that could go to your loved ones rather than taking risk on the stock market and other high-risk investments.