Are you an independent insurance agent? You could be doing more with the help of a field marketing organization or FMO. These organizations provide tools, support, and incentives that help you do your job–better. Plus, some insurance carriers won’t even entertain the idea of working with independent agents directly. In this case, FMO’s are your lifeline to accessing their products. Let’s dig into the benefits of working with an FMO.

What is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO)?

A field marketing organization typically serves as a one-stop-shop for independent insurance agents. They sell a variety of insurance products and provide support tools like technology and training to help independent agents sell these products.

Why you need to work with an FMO:

  • Most insurance carriers will not sell directly to agents.
  • An FMO can leverage their volume and relationships to secure better contracts.
  • Agents can earn top commissions without the hassle of negotiating contracts with carriers.

Next, let’s take a look at the long list of benefits you’ll typically find with an FMO.

Benefits of Partnering with an FMO

For many agents, the access to top tools in the industry are invaluable in facilitating their job on a day-to-day basis. While every organization is a little different in terms of what they offer, agents should look at the availability and quality of these benefits:

  • Compensation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Mentorship
  • Incentives

Money is always a key factor. Take into consideration that FMO’s do not take any of your commission. Instead, insurance carriers compensate the FMO’s while you, as an agent, reap the benefits. These organization’s facilitate sales so the arrangement is beneficial for all. It also means that independent agents get access to top tier insurance products with the highest allowable commissions. Plus, FMO’s make it easy to stay in compliance with annual sales certification tools.


Sharpen your sales skills or master the art of negotiation with access to quality training programs designed for insurance agents. Plus, keep your finger on the pulse of current industry trends with key updates and important headlines.

Support & Mentorship

Another key benefit that FMO’s offer is access to a team of experienced agents. Depending on the organization, this support can take many different forms. Some FMO’s provide a platform that puts all of the information and tools that you need in one place. Some host monthly events to connect and engage their support mentors and agents. And others facilitate group or direct conversations on an as-needed basis.


Hands down, one of the biggest perks of partnering with an FMO is access to cutting-edge technology designed for the insurance industry. Most FMO’s offer quoting tools like a medicare quote engine and feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) software. These tools help you do your job more effectively and in less time.


Some FMO’s offer co-op marketing dollars or provide access to affinity networks that make it easier to market your products and connect with consumers. While most agents can handle the basics of digital marketing and networking to get themselves out there, an FMO can elevate your messaging to make your efforts more effective.


Earn performance-based bonuses in specific insurance categories through an FMO. Since FMO’s are compensated by carriers, they can generally negotiate specific tiered incentives to push certain products that align with the carriers goals. Then, these organizations can pass those incentives along to independent agents in turn for helping the carriers achieve those goals.

The Bottom Line

Joining the right FMO is a win-win for independent agents. You get access to all the tools and support that you need to do your job without paying a dime. In fact, the right FMO can even increase your earnings with higher commissions, better products, and targeted sales incentives. In today’s insurance climate, partnering with an FMO is essential to your success as an independent agent.

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