There are numerous reasons why pursuing a career in life insurance is a smart move. You can become part of an increasingly growing field that serves and attracts a diverse market. Being a life insurance agent doesn’t require much experience and pays off with abundant opportunities, both personally and professionally.


As a life insurance agent, you can control your earnings. You have the chance to make as much money as you can, depending on how hard you work and how ambitious you are. Even people without much prior experience, who get certified as agents are able to achieve financial success fairly quickly. With the proper tools and training, you are given plenty of chances to exponentially grow your income compared to other professions such as realtors, brokers, teachers and nurses to name a few.

The more you perfect the skills, and the longer you stay in the field, the bigger your book of business will be. From selling different valued policies, to recruiting and growing your own teams, your compensation will be reflected through commissions, bonus opportunities and other incentive programs.


Whether you want to work from 9 to 5, work part time, or work on the weekends, an insurance career as an entrepreneur gives you the flexibility to choose. You can vary your appointment times with weekends and evenings to accommodate clients, as well as your lifestyle. Work life balance is crucial to your happiness in the long term, and very few careers give someone the opportunity to truly be able to enjoy that.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to sell larger variety of products from annuities to term life. You can better serve your clients with the right products and ultimately earn their trust.


By design, insurance policies protect people from financial losses because of unexpected events. As a life insurance agent, you can help your clients determine the best insurance plans to fit their budget and their needs. The time you spend with the client is invaluable and sets them and their families for financial well-being later in life.

From final expenses to retirement annuities, life insurance agents help people prepare for their future and achieve their financial and personal goals. Also, they prepare clients for unfortunate circumstances and offer a measure of comfort to clients.


Unlike other industries, insurance provides agents with good job security. People will always need insurance for protection from risk. With more jobs becoming automated, most clients still want to discuss their sensitive and personal options in person to best choose their policy.

When selling life insurance, you’re selling peace of mind. A safety net and defense against a financial disaster when an unexpected crisis happen.


Most jobs may require the same, mundane tasks day in and day out. Life insurance is different. Agents are constantly completing multiple tasks every day. From meeting new people to selling various products, there is always something new and exciting happening within the insurance industry.

Don’t be bored. The variety you have with being a life insurance agent will keep you busy and energetic.

Remember, when you become a life insurance agent, the sky is the limit.