With the global pandemic still at an all-time high, and the frequent introduction of new variants, COVID-19 has shown us that life as we know it, is no longer something we can take for granted and now more than ever the life insurance plays an important in financial security. According to the 2021 Insurance Barometer study, it would only take six months before 42% of Americans would encounter financial hardship if they lost a primary wage earner. And, one in four Americans would struggle monetarily within one month.*

By having/With life insurance, people can ensure they have a plan to possibly avoid financial hardship. In fact, there are 102 million Americans who either need (or need more) life insurance coverage. What are we waiting for?

Changed perspectives due to COVID-19 has 31% of Americans saying that they’re more likely to purchase life insurance coverage in 2021. Out of the individuals who tested positive for COVID-19, 42% said they’re likely to buy life insurance this year. What’s more, the probability to buy life insurance due to COVID-19 is higher for Black and Hispanic Americans, Millennials and men.**

Awareness of the value of life insurance has greatly increased with the pandemic. More and more people understand the need for life insurance as COVID-19 continues to soar. We will continue to work together help individuals purchase life insurance and take control of their financial future.

Building a comprehensive life insurance strategy can be beneficial for the short and long term. Life insurance is more than financial coverage after death but can be used as living benefits for your loved ones making it a true asset. Simply put, deciding when to purchase life insurance is important for people to consider all options.


COVID-19 has changed the way we work, too. Millions of people are reassessing their current job situation. How much time do you want to spend away from the family? Do you want to work remotely? Do you want to switch careers?

The new normal during the pandemic has shifted dramatically. Many of us are re-evaluating our priorities – a moment to redefine what works like. People are quitting their jobs and changing professions as the Great Resignation arrives.

More time. More flexibility. More happiness. More work-life balance. COVID-19 has given people multiple reasons to change their current career path. In a recent survey***, approximately 41% said they are considering leaving their job because their company has not cared about their concerns during the pandemic and a whopping 76% said they want their company to make work permanently flexible in terms of schedule and/or location.

Of the roughly 50% of employed Americans who intend to make career changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 41% are seeking flexible and/or remote work, 39% desire a raise and/or promotion and 33% are interested in changing industries.****

The time is now to change your direction and take control of your career. Reinvent your dream job to satisfy your needs and wants. Life insurance helps people secure the future and well as protect their families. Because of COVID-19, American’s intent to purchase life insurance is at an all-time high.

Take a chance. Make the move. Define your own success.