We asked our experienced life insurance professionals what skill sets are important for succeeding in the industry long term.


Life insurance is a people business. Regardless of what type of insurance job you choose, you will generally be working with clients in some capacity. You’ll encounter clients from all ages and walks of life. Building relationships with clients requires authenticity and genuine care for their well-being.


Unethical life insurance professionals rarely stay in business long. Remember that your reputation and relationships will make or break you. Being honest and ethical, and continually acting in your clients’ best interests, will win you the referrals you need to build a successful practice.


Computer, website, text messaging, and social media skills are becoming increasingly important in the insurance world. Many potential clients find life insurance agents via search engines, social media, and review websites. It’s important to have a good web and social media presence where prospects can find you. As technology is constantly changing, a willingness and ability to adapt to change is vital to success.


The demand for communication skills across many mediums has never been stronger. Each generation has preferred ways of communicating, and insurance professionals will need to understand these different means of communication. This includes using the phone, text, email, social media, in addition to meeting people in person. To be successful in this industry, you should be able to explain life insurance concepts simply and persuasively in all formats.


To achieve success in the insurance industry on the agent and broker side, you have to be willing to commit the hours needed to build a book of business, particularly in the first few years. Staying on top of leads and following up often will be important. If you don’t mind hearing “no” frequently in order to get to a “yes,” this is the right career for you.
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